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Have you ever noticed the sweet smell of coconuts in the swimsuit department of a Bloomingdale's? What about hints of fresh powder in the baby department?

That’s no accident. The number of businesses strategically scenting their spaces continues to multiply by the day.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses, in terms of emotion, how we connect with experiences and how we remember things. From sports stadiums and fashion shows to medical offices and retail stores, scent marketing is being used to tap into customers’ emotions on a deeper level in hopes of enhancing the overall experience.

Scenting studies have shown a 300%sales increase in certain products after employing a scent marketing strategy.

In 1993, researchers found that scent marketing campaigns were powerful enough to increase brand loyalty and sales. One of the most well-known studies in the industry was conducted by Alan Hirsch, a Chicago-based neurologist who founded the Smell and Taste Research Foundation.

For the study, scientists placed two identical pairs of Nike running shoes into rooms that were exactly alike, except for one difference. One room had a floral scent, while the other one was unscented.

After the study, Hirsch and his team concluded that consumers were 84 percent more likely to buy the Nike running shoes in the scented room.

Hotel chains like JW Marriott use scent marketing to enhance the consumer experience... and your brand can, too. AromaBoss can be your business scent partner to help elevate your brand and your sales.