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The Aroma Boss

The Aroma Mate

The Aroma Mate

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  • Slim Profile, perfect for discreet location placement
  • Aroma Flow Vent Control system
  • Uses our Wafer Scent Control Technology
  • Long Lasting odor control.
  • Perfect for Cars, Litter boxes, Elevators, Lockers, Gym Bags, Under Desks, Trash Bin Lids, Hotel Rooms, Foyers, Small Restrooms, Portable Toilets, Shuttle Vehicles
  • or wherever discreet odor control is required.
  • Removes odors quickly.

The Perfect Way To Freshen Air In Smaller Spaces

This is the most efficient way to control odors discreetly and easily, this compact, sturdy dispenser allows for maximum fragrance flow through specially placed side vents and utilizes natural air and evaporation, so it requires no batteries.

The Aroma Mate uses our Wafer air freshener refills to provide long lasting effective odor neutralization and aroma enhancement to any location. Because of its slim profile, the Aroma Mate can be placed just about anywhere, specifically it’s best utilized in very smaller spaces such as cars, litter boxes elevators, lockers, Gym Bags under desks, trash bin lids, hotel rooms, foyers, small restrooms, portable toilets, shuttle vehicles or wherever discreet odor control is required.

As a passive air freshener, it utilizes natural air and evaporation, so no batteries are

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